Jonas Brother's Took Family and Friends On A Shopping Spree

What a great thing! The Jonas Brother's kindness continues. According to www.aceshowbiz.com, the Jonas Brothers took their family and friends out on a $5,000 shopping spree to American Eagle. One of their friends, that was there, was "Camp Rock" co-star Demi Lovato.

The brothers only bought themselves boxers and T-shirts . . .

What they did for their family and friends were sweet.

If You Are Interested in Dating One of the Jonas Brothers…

According to the August Issue of J-14 Magazine, the Jonas Brothers tells their fans what to do if you are interested in dating them.

"If you do happen to meet our mom while she's walking around the venue, make sure you're really nice to her, because that's what's really important to us," Nick said.

Kevin agrees with Nick, "If Mom says yes, then it's a go! If she says no, you just better cut it off and walk away.

The Jonas Brothers are giving their fans hints about what they look for in a girl, what to do if a fan wants to date them, etc. Start taking notes.

London Premiere of "Camp Rock."

According to Mari Kasanuki, writer for www.people.com, the Jonas Brothers are now an international phenomenon.

On September 10, 2008, the Jonas Brothers went to London for the European premiere of "Camp Rock." At the premiere the brothers were met by 1,000 fans.

"You know, we're just trying our best every day," Joe told reporters. "We're just trying to make our mom proud every day."

I am sure she is proud no matter what.

Beckham Brothers

The Jonas Brothers may have another band right on the tail of their success. Well maybe in about 10 to 15 years from now. So who is this band? It could be the "Beckham Brothers". Yes, Victoria and David Beckham's children.

"The whole entire family's amazing," said Kevin Jonas told GMTV. "We got the honour to meet them at the Teen Choice Awards. And we met the boys and we took pictures with them - and Victoria said that the boys wanted to become the 'Beckham Brothers'. And so we were like, 'Yes!'"

"One of them can break-dance very well!" added Joe Jonas.

Joe is right. I believe it was the youngest Beckham who broke out dancing on The Teen Choice Awards. He was good.

The Jonas Brothers Got to Meet Spears.

According to Jocelyn Vena, writer for www.mtv.com, the Jonas Brothers finally got to meet Britney Spears.

The Jonas Brothers told UsMagazine.com that they wanted to meet her.

"We really hope we get to meet her," Kevin Jonas said. "That would be an honor," Kevin added.

"I wanna meet her," Nick said.

"She was the first CD I ever bought, so it would be cool," Joe told the magazine.

"You want to pull for Britney and hope for the best," Kevin added.

I am glad that they got that chance. Britney looked wonderful on the VMA's. It looks like she has pulled herself together.

Russell Brand's Jokes

Watching the MTV Awards was hard for me. I got tired of Russell Brand's "jokes" about the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings. The camera did pan to the brothers, who were not laughing or smiling at all. I have to admit that I would not be happy about it. Before I turned it off, I was lucky enough to hear Jordin Sparks defend the Jonas Brothers. Way to go Jordin. That shows you how classy she is.

Nick Jonas said: "I don't know if there is really a positive (to come out of Russell's comments)- he was kind of running out of material after a little while," Nick Jonas told www.mtv.co.uk.

Russel seemed to keep running with the purity rings "jokes."

So what would, the Jonas Brothers tell Russel, if they had the chance.

Joe said,"I'd give him a hug. I think he needs a hug!"

Dancing with the Stars"

According to www.accesshollywood.com, the Jonas Brothers are going to be preforming on "Dancing With the Stars." They will be on the show two days after the show begins. "Dancing with the Stars" will premiere on September 22, and the brothers should be on the show on September 24.

Do check your local listings for times.

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas will turn 16 on September 16.

Happy Birthday Nick.

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